Dr. Andrea Raffa: CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Prof. Luigi Mondello: COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Scientific Member of the Board of Directors
Prof. Paola Dugo: Scientific Member of the Board of Directors

Headquarter Team:
Dr. Margherita Barilà: Technical/Administrative Assistant and Prevention, Protection Service Attendant
Dr. Elisa Giglio: Technical/Administrative Assistant and Safety Representative for Employee

Mr. Filippo Alibrando: GC, MS, Database Specialist and Lab Safety Supervisor
Dr. Gemma De Grazia: GC, MS Specialist
Dr. Davide Di Marco: GC, MS Specialist 
Dr. Roberta La Tella: ICPMS and GC, MS Specialist
Mr. Nicolae Luca: Laboratory Technician, Fire Prevention Attendant, First aid Responsible
Dr. Francesca Rigano: 
LC, MS Specialist

Dr. Emanuela Trovato: GC, MS Specialist, First aid Responsible, Fire Prevention Attendant
Mrs. Federica Vento: GC, MS, Database Specialist 

Secondary Office Team:
Dr. Emanuela Ragosta: GC, Lipidomic Specialist

External Consultants

Dr. Margita Utczas (Global Product Manager Libraries) University of Physical Education/ Sports Nutrition Center, Budapest, Hungary.

Prof. Ivana Bonaccorsi. (University of Messina, Italy)

Prof. Danilo Sciarrone. (University of Messina, Italy)

Prof. Peter Tranchida (University of Messina, Italy)