CROMATOPLUSSPECTRA                                                                    Brochure

CromatoPlus is a software package for chromatographic analysis, on the market since early 2000, constantly updated with new features every year. It is an improvement of CromatoPlus, designed as a Post-run analyzer of chromatograms containing mass spectra. CromatoPlusSpectra includes all traditional CromatoPlus features, with in addition a large set of tools for mass spectra visualization and analysis CromatoPlusSpectra can read (import) chromatogram files exported in AIA/ANDI (NetCDF) format. Files can be just raw data, or also contain the integration results of the analysis performed by the analytical instrument. If the file contains only raw data, it is possible to use the CromatoPlus internal integration engine to perform the analysis. Integration results can then be exported on AIA/ANDI file. CromatoPlusSpectra includes a full support of the Linear Retention Indices (LRI) technique. This technique perform the identification of peaks using LRI indices instead of retention times.