LIPIDS Library for Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 Series. 430 Compounds with Mass Spectra and Retention Indices Contained. Similarity Search with automatic Retention Index calculation supported by GCMSsolution. Highly Reliable and Efficient Identification is Achieved for Fatty Acid Methyl Esters.
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Lipids are one of the major constituents of food and they have an essential role in human diet,
metabolism, physiological and pathological processes. Mass spectrometry is the most important
technology for lipid analysis. The Lipids Mass Spectral Database gives a significant support for
peak assignment in complex mixtures and can be a valid support in many research fields, such as
food analysis, clinical and medical applications. This library contains 430 lipid-like molecules
classified in 11 different classes and almost one LRI for each molecule.
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