Chromaleont is a Society that offers solutions for the development of analytical instrumentation and dedicated software for chemical analysis and consulting in the field of Separation Science. The scope is therefore the development of new analytical methodologies for the analysis of complex mixtures by using innovative analytical instrumentation. One of the goals of Chromaleont Society is the creation of a team of research specialist converging from different area the realization of innovative projects in the field of Separation Science. For such a purpose, Post Doctoral fellows, coming from the PhD corse of Food Chemistry and Safety or other PhD courses of the University of Messina, will also join the group.
The society offer will be mainly represented by execution of job orders from third party for industry research and prototipe development.
Chromaleont start-up of the University of Messina has its office at "The Mediterranean Separation Science Foundation Research and Training Center" guest in the Chemistry, Biology, Pahramecutica and Environmental Department of the University of Messina.

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