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Chromaleont srl

Chromaleont is a Company that offers solutions for the development of analytical instrumentation and dedicated software for chemical analysis, as well as consultancy in the field of Separation Science.

Our scope is the development of new analytical methodologies for the analysis of complex mixtures by using innovative analytical instrumentation.

The mission of Chromaleont is to push the limits of separation science forward, while proposing the simplest solutions.


44th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and 17th GCxGC Symposium

...with particular emphasis on all Comprehensive Separation Technologies and MS Hyphenation


Chromaleont Products

Chromaleont offers its great expertize to solve analytical problems posed by industries, of different fields, and to develop innovative methods and instrumental prototypes.

  • FFNSC 3 Shimadzu Library
  • FFNSC 3 Wiley Library
  • ChromSquare
  • LIPIDS GC/MS Shimadzu Library
  • LIPIDS GC/MS Wiley Library
  • PESTICIDES GC/MS Shimadzu Library
  • PESTICIDES GC/MS Wiley Library
  • ARIN

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Il Gruppo Interdivisionale di Scienza delle Separazioni (GISS) è costituito da Soci della Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) che operano nel campo della Scienza delle Separazioni o utilizzano le tecniche separative nello svolgimento della propria attività di ricerca o/e tecnico/scientifica.