The Purest Samples Make the Best Pesticides Library

Pesticides and agrochemicals are widely used in the production of large-scale agriculture. Their determination is essential for consumer’s health protection. Mass spectrometry is the most important technology for pesticide analysis and the Pesticides Library provides significant support for peak assignment in complex mixtures. The Mass Spectra of Pesticides with Retention Indices, 2nd Edition, contains 1,300 pesticide molecules classified in 20 different classes.

This edition features 342 new pesticides compounds, 1,300 LRI values on a SLB-5ms column, and 147 LRI values on an EQUITY-1 column. Mass spectra, relative to standard and well-known simple matrix components, were obtained and recorded through GC-qMS separation/identification. Furthermore, information relative to each component (CAS number, common name, systematic name, nominal mass (as Mol Wt), compound formula, chemical class) plus Linear Retention Index (LRI) values are included.

Compound Coverage Verification

Labs can verify compound coverage by visiting Compound Search.

Available Formats

Formats included on the disc include Agilent Chemstation and Masshunter, ACD/Labs MS Manager, NIST software (compatible with JEOL, Leco, Bruker, Thermo xCalibur), PerkinElmer TurboMass, Thermo Spectral ID, Waters MassLynx.